We’re a growing Chicago tech company helping ediscovery professionals do more with less.

We love writing software that solves problems.

At Milyli, we’re software developers and technology junkies dedicated to making the ediscovery process – that is, the process of collecting, reviewing, and producing documents for litigation – more efficient. We have nearly a decade of experience in consulting and developing custom solutions for the Relativity document review platform, and have used that expertise to build our own out-of-the-box applications to solve common ediscovery problems.

Est’d in 2008

Milyli was started as a software consulting company in 2008 by Steve Ankenbrandt, Jed Cassinelli, and Chuck Kinnan – three software geeks with a shared passion for solving complex business problems with elegant, efficient software. Since then, we’ve grown out of Steve’s apartment and into Chicago’s Innovation District, the Fulton Market neighborhood. Thanks to our commitment to quality code and deep understanding of ediscovery painpoints, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the experts in developing solutions for Relativity – the leading document management platform for ediscovery. Learn more about Relativity and ediscovery here.

What we do

We’ve been developing custom ediscovery solutions on top of the Relativity platform since we started in 2008. We are the most experienced Relativity development shop out there today. Check out our Services page to learn more about the kinds of custom solutions we can provide and what it’s like to work with us on a custom Relativity project.  

After working on custom Relativity solutions for years, we realized we had a better grip than anyone on the most common painpoints Relativity users were experiencing on a day-to-day basis. With that knowledge, we created three out-of-the-box Relativity applications: Blackout, an automated redaction tool; Broadcast, a customizable dashboard reporting tool; and Delegate, a client management tool.

How we do it

“Milyli” isn’t just our name; it’s our philosophy. Steve, Jed, and Chuck named the company Milyli – which stands for “Make it like you like it” – to show their commitment to building software up to their own high standards while also meeting each client’s unique needs and preferences.

We make it like we like it by implementing strict best practices for the code that we write, always trying out the latest and greatest in technology and software principles, and by having fun along the way. We make it like you like it by building up agile teams of Project Managers, Tech Leads, expert developers, QA engineers, and Customer Success Managers to ensure that we thoroughly understand your painpoints and that the applications and custom solutions we deliver solve your problems in the most efficient, intuitive way possible.



Our values

Be invested in your work.

Be passionate, hard-working, and motivated to do more than just the task at-hand.

Communicate and collaborate constantly.

Be professional, clear, and thorough in all communication. Use every opportunity to work with others because success isn’t achieved alone. Challenge each other to do your best, and share knowledge freely.

Fail fast, fail hard, and grow.

Risk is necessary for innovation. Don’t ever be afraid to try something new, and if it fails, learn from mistakes and try again.

Find a way to win.

Any problem – even ones outside of your skillset – can be solved if you’re resourceful. Look at a difficult task from different angles, consult as many colleagues as you can, and persevere until it’s solved.

Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Ideas should come from everyone, so never hesitate to chime in. Find creative ways to contribute your perspective and solve problems, even if it’s not in your department.

Keep your standards high.

If a process is inefficient, fix it. If a tool could be better, improve it. For us, “done” means more than “good enough;” it means better than what our customers expect. Do the best work you can on even the smallest tasks.

Work smarter, not harder.

Being strategic about your work will decrease stress, rework, and the amount of “crunch-time” later on. You can hit deadlines and maintain high standards for your work while maintaining a good work-life balance.

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