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E-discovery today involves more data than ever before, which means longer review timelines and higher e-discovery bills. But your customers can’t afford to spend more time or money. 

Blackout is an automated redaction tool that can shave weeks off of the review process, freeing up resources and budget along the way. Adding Blackout to your Relativity service offering can make the difference between “We’ll think about it” and “We’ll take it!”

How does Blackout seal the deal?

Attorney review accounts for 70% of e-discovery costs, and redacting sensitive information is one of the most tedious tasks in a review. Blackout beats the cost of manual redaction by 50% – or more in some cases – and it doesn’t stop there. Litigation timelines can be tight. Closing a deal might rest on your company’s ability to review, redact, and produce documents in a very short time frame. Blackout reduces first-pass redaction time by 90%, giving you a huge advantage over the competition. Show prospects that your services are on the cutting edge and will get the job done quickly, affordably, and effectively.

Download our sales packet now or contact to schedule a demonstration for your sales team on how Blackout will help you get more contracts signed.

Our sales packet includes:

  • An easy-to-use ROI Calculator to demonstrate savings for different case sizes
  • 1-page “quick pitch” reference sheet
  • A short slide deck you can include in your own sales presentations
  • The Blackout savings infographic you see on this page

Many of the largest service providers are already offering Blackout to close more deals and keep clients happy.








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