Redaction software can save you money
while lawyer fees are on the rise!

Lawyer rates have reached unprecedented heights, and you’re left footing the bill. In this free white paper from the ediscovery experts at Milyli, you’ll learn a three-pronged approach to limiting the cost of ediscovery, which includes adopting cutting-edge technology to automate tedious processes like redaction that rack up attorney hours.

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The Problem

Attorney review accounts for nearly two-thirds of the total cost of ediscovery. Data volumes are increasing significantly from year to year, and so are regulations around PII, PHI, and what constitutes privileged information. That’s a significant amount of time spent identifying and removing senstitive information, and once you add skyrocketing hourly rates for attorneys, you’re seeing the zeros on your invoice multiply at excruciating speed.

The Solution

Many of the largest law firms and service providers are using Blackout, Milyli’s automated redaction tool for Relativity, to reduce the manual work attorneys have to do. Blackout automatically redacts words, phrases, and patterns (SSNs, credit card numbers, etc.) from documents, substantially cutting the costs and turnaround time of document review.

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