The Easiest Redaction Tool Is Now the Most Comprehensive
What Most Comprehensive Means For You

Blackout automatically redacts and marks up both native Excel content and image files based on criteria specified by you or your review team. It streamlines workflows, reduces review time, lowers costs, and improves the quality of reviews with its advanced technology and seamless integration into the Relativity platform.

Today, reviewers work with documents that contain a variety of styles and information types in most legal cases. With this in mind, we upgraded both our automated functionality and manual features to serve the needs of time-strapped teams everywhere.

More Information Types Are Now Redactable

Blackout now provides reviewers access to parts of their Excel documents that were not previously visible within Relativity and required downloading files to view. The Blackout Redaction Assistant creates a window to markup or redact easily for:

  • Document headers and footers
  • Charts (e.g. title, axis labels, data labels and legends) and their data
  • Embedded documents like PowerPoints, AutoCad, and Emails
  • Embedded objects like pictures, SmartArt, Word Art, diagrams, shapes, and more
  • Excel sheet names and comments
Native Redaction Assistant
Manual Comments Redaction Support
Chart Redaction Support
Embedded Object Redaction Support
More Redaction Options Demand Better Functionality

Blackout 2.5 also includes revisions to some core functionality in order to even further reduce human error and create more secure legal documents. These upgrades include:

  • “Search Picker” makes finding saved searches easier
  • Removal of remote or unavailable documents including external network documents, internet documents, and documents that no longer exist
  • Built-in workflow for very large Excel files
  • Automated removal of Excel’s change tracking features to prevent document reversion
  • Group-specific permissions added to Relativity object security
  • Support for any pivot table
Saved Search Picker
External Redaction Tool
New Group Permissions

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