Blackout survives “trial by fire” and helps DTI meet an urgent client deadline.

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Improving & Innovating

DTI, a Premium Hosting Partner for kCura’s Relativity ediscovery platform, is well-known for providing efficient, top-of-the-line legal outsourcing solutions to its clients, including document review. DTI excels in devising and implementing tailored solutions for each unique client need. Maintaining this level of service involves recognizing client problems, constantly searching for ways to improve the ediscovery process, and reducing workflow inefficiencies.

A common legal review pain point is the difficult and time-consuming nature of redacting sensitive information from documents before trial. In Relativity, a reviewer must go through each document, page by page, to identify instances of sensitive information and apply redactions manually. In large cases with millions of documents, this process can require multiple teams of reviewers working for weeks, and multiple rounds of review, so the costs to clients can quickly add up.

“ My estimate would be an extra 4-5 days if the reviewers had to go through and manually find the terms that Blackout found.”
– Director of Product Management, DTI

Already aware of Milyli’s Relativity customization services, DTI heard about Milyli’s flagship Relativity product – an automated redaction tool called Blackout – and saw an opportunity to save their clients time and money by incorporating Blackout into their legal review services. DTI signed up for the Blackout Early Adopter program with the plan to thoroughly test Blackout and then gradually roll it out to production environments. But in the world of ediscovery, with its court-imposed deadlines involving massive amounts of data, efforts must be doubled down to get a client what they need. One of DTI’s clients, a pharmaceutical company, had an urgent case deadline requiring a substantial number of documents to be reviewed; DTI knew it would be the perfect opportunity to run Blackout through a “trial by fire.”

Blackout to the rescue

The pharmaceutical company had 80,000 pages of Excel documents that needed to be reviewed for instances of a certain drug name, as well as its various alternative identifications and misspellings. Most of the Excel documents only had a few key term hits for redaction, so rather than go through each page of these large Excel docs looking for the rare instance of a drug name to redact, the case manager just set up Blackout rules to redact all name variations they needed to account for. Reviewers could then focus on quality control and jump directly to the relevant pages to check Blackout’s redactions and ensure accuracy.

The Blackout project team was readily available to answer questions that came up during the big review and worked closely with DTI to resolve issues specific to their workflow. Custom scripts were created to meet their needs, including one that gave DTI the ability to extend Blackout redactions to the entire page width, and another script that generated full-page redactions to every page of a saved search. After such a successful integration, both scripts were integrated as features that come with Blackout out-of-the-box. DTI was able to contribute to Blackout’s product development by offering valuable suggestions for future features and changes that were then included in the Blackout roadmap, such as the ability to redact an entire line or spreadsheet row where a Blackout rule match appears.

Success with flying colors

Overall, the trial was a complete success for both DTI and Blackout. Blackout gave the DTI team the ability to redact and quality check every instance of the relevant drug name in over 80,000 pages of material in just a few days, saving DTI an estimated 4-5 days of time compared to if the review had been done manually. Their client was able to meet their deadline, and DTI was able to provide a cost-saving service in a pinch. DTI plans to roll out Blackout on additional production environments, and continues to contribute valuable feedback that is helping to shape the Blackout product development roadmap.



  • DTI


  •  A fast, high-volume redaction solution

  • Seamless integration with Relativity

  • An intuitive, easy-to-adopt reviewer workflow


  • Blackout


  • Met client deadline with fewer resources

  • Cost savings for all DTI clients

  • A tested, scalable service to offer to current and prospective clients

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