End to End Native Excel Workflow!
Native Excel Redaction Just Got Easier!

After initially releasing Blackout with support for Native Excel last Fall we actively engaged our customers to determine what additional features were required for a truly comprehensive solution.  We are excited to announce our latest release, Blackout 2.0, provides support for these and many other features to make Native Excel redaction in Relativity as easy as possible!

From partial cell redactions and a built-in QC workflow to markup sets for production jobs, Blackout 2.0 simplifies the process of reviewing Natively without your users or documents ever leaving Relativity.

For more information on Blackout 2.0, see our list of features below as well as screenshots and video overviews.  Also, don’t forget to check out our support page with our user guide, articles, and demo videos:

See all the new features in this video!
Partial Cell Redaction
  • Allows for applying individual redactions within a cell
  • Conveniently accessed through right-click menu in Relativity viewer
  • Utilizes a pop-up display to redact the contents of an individual cell
  • Visible in the markup navigator for easy navigation and QC
QC Workflow for Native Excel
  • New markup navigator added for Native Excel
  • Quickly navigate to redacted content
  • Easily see the original text for redacted cells
  • Approve and reject redactions from within the viewer
Improved Production Capabilities
  • Markup sets now available for Native Excel redactions
  • Quickly find all redacted Excel content via search
  • Use the default primary markup set or create your own
  • Update the active markup set easily via a mass action

Still getting up to speed? Check out our Blackout Native Excel release 

See Blackout 2.0 in action!