Introducing Blackout 1.4


We’re excited to announce the latest release of our automated redaction tool, Blackout 1.4!

Blackout 1.4 includes the hottest requests from law firms and service providers who are already using Blackout for faster, more efficient review, as well as new features that continue to keep Blackout easy to use for everyone on your review team.

The main features rolling out in Blackout 1.4 are:
Template-based redactions
Fuzzy matching
Email notifications
Real-time usage statistics
Template Based Jobs

Blackout already identifies and redacts words, phrases, and patterns from your case documents, but now you can also redact content across similar forms and layouts. For example, if you know where patient information is typically found on a healthcare or pharmaceutical form, you can redact those areas on one document, then use that as your template to apply redaction to the entire set of forms.


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Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy Matching

Nobody’s perfect – especially the OCR process. In previous releases, if Blackout did not OCR a term correctly – mistaking an “l” for a “1,” for instance – Blackout was not able redact the term and reviewers would have to manually redact it instead. Now, with fuzzy matching, you can set a fuzziness level for word/phrase rules that might be prone to OCR issues and Blackout will automatically redact those terms even if a few characters are not correctly OCR’d, further automating the process and saving your reviewers’ time for other tasks.

Email Notifications

In Blackout 1.4, you don’t have to check for yourself anymore to see if a Blackout job has completed or had any errors. Now Blackout can send email notifications to designated team members whenever a Blackout job completes or fails.



Real-Time Usage Statistics

Blackout 1.4 puts licensing and usage information right at your fingertips. Relativity users can now go to the Blackout Usage page to monitor the amount of pages redacted and how they’re tracking towards their current licensed page pack.

See Blackout 1.4 in action!