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Introducing Blackout 1.5 !

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We’re excited to announce the latest release of our automated redaction tool, Blackout 1.5!

The newest release of Blackout includes major updates to both Blackout’s functionality and user interface to make the process of redacting in Relativity faster and easier than ever. Blackout 1.5 includes a long list of UI enhancements to make the experience of using Blackout friendlier, as well as a couple of significant new features – namely, you can now upload 100,000 rules for redaction at one time, and you can easily see the progress of Blackout jobs within a brand new interface.

For a full list of changes included in Blackout 1.5, check out the detailed release notes:

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See for yourself how easy it is to upload thousands of rules at one time

CSV upload V4

Upload 100,000 rules for redaction at one time

Consider this scenario: You’re responsible for reviewing thousands of documents for a large healthcare client involved in a lawsuit. Patient SSNs must be redacted and patient names must be replaced with a unique identifier – i.e. any instance of “John Smith” should be redacted and replaced with “Patient 00001.” The problem is that there are 80,000 patient names that need to be replaced with their corresponding identifiers. Without Blackout, you’d likely have a review team working for weeks to manually find and redact these patients’ PII.

With Blackout 1.5, you can now upload a CSV file containing 100,000 rules for redaction. So, for this case, you can create one CSV file with all 80,000 patient names to be redacted along with all of their corresponding identifiers, as well as any additional rules for data that needs to be redacted.

Get live information on the status of redactions

Automating redaction is always going to be much faster than manual redaction, but Blackout 1.5 now makes it possible to see detailed information on the time elapsed and expected for your redaction or highlighting jobs, such as how many documents have been qualified for redaction, how many redactions have been placed so far, how many are expected, and the estimated time the job will be completed. These brand new progress indicators allow you to get up-to-the-minute information on your Blackout jobs and provide better estimates to stakeholders, team members, and clients.

Progress Bars


Faster, easier redaction & highlighting

Blackout 1.5 includes various user experience enhancements to make redacting and highlighting easier, faster, and more intuitive. Enhancements include:

  • View rules within their own self-contained tab
  • A new Advanced Stats tab that shows more detailed information on completed Blackout jobs
  • View progress of deleting markups in a new activity indicator
  • Access the redacted documents and missing redaction saved searches more easily

Still getting up to speed? Check out our Blackout 1.4 release 

See Blackout 1.5 in action!