Introducing Blackout 1.6!
Redact 100% of Your Terms with Blackout 1.6!

We’re excited to announce the newest release of our automated redaction tool for Relativity! Blackout 1.6 includes a new workflow to resolve all missing markups. Case Managers can see the progress of the job beginning to end and be confident in producing documents that have been redacted completely.

See how to use the built-in missing markup workflow!

Missing markups are easier than ever

In Blackout 1.6, finding your missing markups has never been easier. A new related-items panel has been added to the document viewer where you’ll find contextual information for any missing markups on the document, where to find them, and what to look for. Missing markup meta-information has also been moved to the job status page, and we now keep track of your review process in real-time.

Get tighter control over your run jobs

Blackout agents can now have resource pool awareness enabled, allowing you to restrict jobs for your users to only the resource pools associated with their client in Relativity. This allows for greater control in meeting your clients’ varied needs. OCR has also been updated in Blackout 1.6 to work on a page-per-page basis instead of entire documents at a time. You’ll see large documents OCR faster without sacrificing performance on smaller documents.

A more complete picture
of your Blackout statistics

Blackout 1.6 now aggregates your job data across multiple runs so you can obtain a start-to-finish picture of the job. Statistics will remain persistent when a job is stopped or paused for any reason, so you’ll no longer have to calculate manually how long it took to place all your redactions. Instead, Blackout will do the math for you, ensuring more accurate, more complete, and more effective results.

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See Blackout 1.6 in action!