Native Excel Redactions in Blackout
Coming August 2017…
Blackout Native Excel Redactions!

We are excited to announce support for Native Excel Redaction with our upcoming August release of Blackout! Our Native Excel feature will support all of Blackout’s existing functionality including mass redaction of terms and patterns, defining the scope of redactions by term, cell, row, column or worksheet, redacting OR highlighting as well as manual redaction of Native Excel files directly in the Relativity Viewer.

Take a look below for a sneak peek of Native Excel in Blackout as well as a list of all the features that will be part of our upcoming release.

Features available in Blackout 1.7:
Manual redaction and highlighting of Native Excel files
Priv Log and Redaction Log
Mass redact Native Excel files
Deep integration with the Relativity Viewer

Stay tuned August 2017 for the launch of Native Excel!

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