Native Excel Redaction with Blackout
Eliminate the Pain of Redacting in Excel!

We are excited to announce our latest release, Blackout 1.7, providing support for native Excel redaction! In addition to manual and automated redactions for Excel, we have also added a new feature to allow for easy creation of privilege and redaction logs.

We are happy to say the days TIFF’ing and/or exporting, manually redacting, and re-importing Excel files are over! With Blackout 1.7, you can cut costs, increase efficiency, AND eliminate the headaches associated with redacting Excel files.

For more information on Blackout 1.7, see our list of features, screenshots, and video overview.
Also, don’t forget to check out our release blog post & support page.

Mass redact Native Excel

Blackout now supports the same mass redaction capabilities on native Excel files as you’ve come to expect on images.  Redact or highlight large numbers of Excel documents at one time using the familiar Blackout workflow and job statistics.  Reviewers can also access the original native for easy side-by-side QC.  Blackout Native Excel provides support for extremely large documents (500MB+), comments, hyperlinks, sheet names, protected files, automatic formula flattening, and handling of merged cells.

Manual Redaction

Not all redactions can be automated and reviewers need a way to manually redact if they are producing native Excel files.  Blackout allows reviewers to rapidly redact Excel documents directly in the Relativity viewer.  You can select a cell, group of cells, row, or column and add markup through a new right-click Blackout menu.  Reviewers choose from black box, text-based redactions, or highlights and can easily revert existing redactions.

Deep Integration

Manually redact and QC mass redactions without ever leaving the Relativity viewer.  Blackout’s native Excel feature is tightly integrated with Relativity offering full support for Relativity permissions (redactions, highlights, and download original) and auditing.  You may revert redactions (or highlights) created manually or by Blackout directly in the Relativity viewer.  Reviewers can also download the original, non-redacted native file for easy side-by-side QC.

Priv/Redaction Log

In adding support for native Excel, it was important to provide support for the creation of privilege and redaction logs.  These reports can now be built dynamically by selecting the specific document fields your case requires you to report on.  You may select from two new types of customizable reports showing results for each redaction on the document or with results by document.  These new reports work on any document in the workspace and can report on redactions placed by Blackout, on images and native Excel files, as well as placed manually through the Relativity viewer.  

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