Wish you had an easier way to report on important ediscovery data?

Broadcast is a Relativity app that allows you to report across workspaces and clients – without ever leaving Relativity. With Broadcast, you can choose from a wide range of charts and graphs to create detailed, attractive reports on all of your ediscovery data and easily share those reports with stakeholders, review teams, and clients.

Get the bird’s-eye view AND the specifics

Add the Broadcast tab to the Relativity Admin area to create client-level dashboards that offer insight into the bigger picture, like billing statistics and case activity, or use Broadcast to report on workspace- and case-specific data. Report on the data your clients, stakeholders, and Lit Support teams need without building a custom Relativity reporting solution or jumping around between systems.

Don’t settle for run-of-the-mill Relativity reporting

Use Broadcast’s eight different charts and graphs to display data, or use HTML to add branding, links, and messages to users. Drag, drop, and resize charts to get the look-and-feel you want for your reports. You can also link to other dashboards, Relativity objects, or even external systems to create a single hub for all your ediscovery reporting.

Hit the ground running

Not everyone has a SQL expert on-hand to build out the queries that populate Broadcast charts and graphs. That’s why we offer pre-built reporting packs for commonly-requested data – like billing statistics or reviewer progress – that can easily be customized for your Relativity database. Looking for a custom report or widget, but don’t have the time or coding skills to build it? No problem! We can help you customize Broadcast and the Reporting Packs to give you the reports you need.


  • Report on case data by using SQL queries you write or by customizing queries from our “reporting packs” to generate common reports without having to write your own SQL
  • View dashboards both within Relativity and via mobile devices
  • Create multiple dashboards per workspace or from the Relativity Admin area and set different permissions based on user groups
  • Choose from eight different kinds of charts for displaying case data – tables, two types of bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, area graphs, gauges, and speedometers
  • Add branding, links, or messages to users to your dashboards with an HTML widget, which can be built out by hand or generated dynamically using a SQL script
  • Customize dashboards by dragging, dropping, and resizing charts, and set custom color palettes at the dashboard and chart level
  • Let users drill into data and provide more context by linking Broadcast charts to items within Relativity, like saved searches or other Broadcast dashboards, as well as external sites and systems


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