Announcing Broadcast 2.0!
The most flexible reporting tool for Relativity!

Broadcast allows you to build comprehensive reports covering the entire eDiscovery process.  Create dashboards by Client or rolled up across your entire Relativity instance. You can also include data from audit records or external SQL based systems for a truly end to end view of what’s most important to you and your Client’s.

In our latest release, we have completely overhauled the front end of Broadcast giving you increased flexibility in configuring your dashboards while also improving performance.  We have also added a new feature that gives dashboard viewers the ability to interact through dynamic filters.

For more information on Broadcast 2.0, see…. below.  Also, don’t forget to check out our support page which includes a user guide, article and demo videos:

Dynamic Filters

SQL tokens automatically displayed as filters

Support for text, number and dates

Filters stored per user for personalized views

New User Interface

Fully responsive layout with charts that load independently of each other

Dashboards now utilize the full width of the screen

Extremely small charts auto-hide title bar

Finer control through more vertical and horizontal snap points

See all the new features in this video!

Check out the full list of Broadcast features! 

See Blackout 2.0 in action!