We’re a growing Chicago tech company helping ediscovery professionals do more with less.

We love writing software that solves problems.

By starting Milyli, we found a way to do what we love: provide quality ediscovery solutions and Relativity customizations to people who need them. Being thought leaders and trendsetters allows us to create the best products for our clients, giving them the highest quality review and the ability to stand out from competitors. Read what we’re up to on our Milyli Blog


Better People, Better Software

We believe that good software development is a cycle that focuses on people: We provide the best work environment so that we attract the best people. The best people will create the best software, which will then attract the best clients. Having the best clients will allow us to improve our environment and strengthen our team even further. Lather, rinse, and repeat for a happy company and happy clients.


What Does “Make It Like You Like It” Mean?

For us, it means two things. First, we build custom software. We work with you to determine your pain points and then build a solution customized to your particular problem, making it like you like it.  At the same time, we have a vision for software development that focuses on working hard to write high-quality code and deliver high-quality products. Having high standards and achieving them, it turns out, is making it like we like it.

Our Values

We want to work with great people.
Ideas come from everywhere.
Never stop growing and learning.
This is more than just a job.
Any problem can be solved.
We can always do better.
Creating quality software doesn’t have to be hard.

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