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Reduce the Time & Cost of Ediscovery

Corporate legal departments are under pressure to work more efficiently, cut costs, and increase profits. One of the biggest budget line items where this can happen is the cost of ediscovery, but legal departments don’t always know how to leverage outside counsel and service providers to get the most out of ediscovery processes.

Blackout is an automated redaction tool for Relativity – available through your ediscovery service provider or law firm – that will help your department streamline legal spend and accomplish more work in less time.

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Shorten the Ediscovery Process with Blackout

Document review is by far the most time-intensive aspect of ediscovery and accounts for an estimated 73% of the total cost. By automating tedious manual workflows like redaction, your department can spare crucial resources normally used up during review. Blackout slashes the cost of manual review and improves turnaround time by 90%, meaning your attorneys can focus on more strategic and critical department work.

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Ask for Blackout

Legal departments are focusing more and more on improving profitability and processes, and having a deep understanding of the legal technology available to streamline workflows is crucial. Smart service providers and law firms know that they need to be strategic partners with their corporate clients, rather than just outsourced help, and many are already including Blackout in their ediscovery managed service offerings, but be proactive. Ask your provider about Blackout and any other technologies they offer to reduce the time and cost of document review.

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Altep, an e-discovery leader and Relativity Best in Service provider, recently used Blackout to automate over half of their redaction process on one case. Read on to learn more about how Altep used our redaction tool to save their clients time and money.


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