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Introducing Delegate 1.1

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We are excited to announce the latest release of Delegate, our Relativity self-administration tool!

Delegate allows law firms and service providers who provide Relativity to empower their clients to manage their own users, groups, workspaces, and matters. Clients are happy because they don’t have to go through their provider for simple tasks, and Litigation Support and Project Management teams are freed up to focus on providing the best client experience.

The newest release of Delegate – version 1.1 – includes support for Relativity authentication providers, as well as several ease-of-use improvements requested by the many organizations already using Delegate to streamline their managed services processes.

The main features rolling out in Delegate 1.1 are:
Support for Relativity 9.4 Authentication
User Experience Enhancements
Support for Relativity 9.4 Authentication

Delegate 1.1 now supports all of the significant enhancements to authentication that were introduced in Relativity 9.4 – including the addition of login methods, multiple authentication providers, two-factor authentication, invitation workflow changes, and more. When setting up Delegate, System Administrators will now be able to select which authentication providers each of their clients can use to create or edit users. Client Administrators can choose from these options, as well as configure additional options for each available authentication provider.

Check out our new features demo!

User Experience Enhancements

Service providers and law firms who offer Delegate allow clients to easily manage simple administrative tasks – tasks that would have otherwise taken up a Litigation Support team member’s time and kept the client waiting. In Delegate 1.1, we wanted to make the user experience even faster and more intuitive, so we implemented several requested enhancements, including:

  • A new mass action that will allow Client Admins to enable and disable users at once
  • A “Save and New” button added to user, matter, and group forms
  • Users can now be added to a group from the group tab, allowing Client Administrators to add multiple users to a group at a time
  • Groups can now be added to a workspace from the workspace tab, allowing Client Administrators to add multiple groups to a workspace at a time

For a quick demo of Delegate 1.1