Delegate 2.0 is here!

Simpler, more secure client administration in Relativity

Delegate 2.0 completely overhauls client administration in Relativity so that groups other than Relativity admins are able to manage users, groups, workspaces, and matters. Like previous versions of Delegate, your clients can still manage their own Relativity environments, but now internal teams, such as project managers, can also easily manage one or many clients. We’ve also enhanced permission configuration, user creation, and auditing, so that delegating workspace administration tasks to clients and internal teams is both simpler and more secure.

Read on to learn more about the new features, and check out the full release notes and our Delegate 2.0 user guides.

Multi-Client Management with Delegate Profiles

Delegate 2.0 introduces a new concept for configuring access to Delegate and managing multiple clients – Delegate profiles. System admins can create Delegate profiles and configure which clients that profile can manage, as well as set up specific permissions for each profile (like restricting access to tabs or the ability to enable/disable accounts). This enhanced experience also allows for quick switching between active clients configured to that Delegate profile.

Rapid User Creation

User creation can be tedious and painful for your client administrators, especially when adding and configuring the password auth provider.  Delegate 2.0 introduces the ability for system administrators to set a template user for use with each client.  After configuring a template user, users created for that client will automatically inherit the information from the template user, making user creation a breeze.

Revamped Audit Records

Delegate 2.0 introduces a completely revamped audit system. The changes to auditing enable your system administrators and users to easily obtain the information they need to better analyze changes made by client administrators and system administrators in the system.   

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