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How to Limit the Costs of Ediscovery
Learn how to reduce the cost of litigation in this free white paper, from the experts in ediscovery software at Milyli.

Litigation costs are on the rise and attorney review accounts for a huge chunk of that cost. We’ve been working with law firms and service providers for years to make ediscovery processes more efficient, and now we want to share our¬†expertise to teach¬†corporate counsel about the tools and tricks they can use to keep costs down.

In this free white paper, you’ll learn about strategies for reducing the time attorneys spend on document review, which includes implementing technologies to help streamline processes. Let us know which service providers or law firms handle your ediscovery, so that we can work with them to provide you with cost-saving technologies – like our automated redaction tool, Blackout – that many of the biggest names in ediscovery services are already using.

Many of the largest service providers, law firms, and government agencies are using Blackout and Relativity to automate the redaction of PII/PHI, saving time and costs in litigation. Contact to get the full list of Blackout clients.