blackout redaction tool

Training and Support

Blackout is a powerful redaction tool that can significantly cut the cost and turnaround time of ediscovery review. We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of Blackout, so we’ve created thorough documentation, videos, and quick reference guides to help you hit the ground running.

Don’t see an answer to your question here? Send us an email at For us, support means being there to help long after the day you install Blackout.

Regex Cheat Sheet



US Social Security Number for Blackout

[\do]{3} [\do]{2} [\do]{4}|([\do] ?){3}[—\-_] ?([\do] ?){2}[—\-_] ?([\do] ?){3}[\do]

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Credit Cards (with O or spaces) & 13-digit Visas

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US Phone Number for Blackout

(\+? ?[1l] ?)? ?[\(\-]? ?([\dOlAE] ?){3} ?[\- \)] ?([\dOlAE] ?){3} ?[\- ] ?([\dOlAE] ?){4} ?\b