We make it like you like it.

Our team of passionate and experienced tech leaders wants to help you solve your ediscovery problems. 

This is the Familyli – a tight-knit group of software development experts, tech geeks, and creative geniuses who genuinely love solving problems. We’ve grown continuously over the years, earning our place in Chicago’s Fulton Market Innovation District long before it was called that, but we’ve never lost our agile, startup mindset, and we’ve never stopped making it like we like it.

CEO + Founder

Steve Ankenbrandt

Steve loves digging into complex business problems and solving them. He got his start in the consulting world nearly 20 years ago and has since used his background as a consultant and tech geek to help people in ediscovery work faster and smarter. Steve founded Milyli in 2008, and since then, he’s been living the “make it like you like it” dream and helping our clients do the same.


Phone:312-265-0136 x210

COO Director of Services + Founder

Jedidiah Cassinelli

Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed
Software engineer, buildin’ what the people said,
Then one day it was document review,
And ever since then it’s been makin’ it like you
Like it, that is, ediscovery


Phone:312-265-0136 x212

Chief Architect + Founder

Chuck Kinnan

Chuck first copied a drawing program from BYTE magazine into a TRS-80 Color Computer back in 1980. His other hobbies over the years have included, reading, writing, acting, biking, movie-seeing, playing both viola & guitar, video and other gaming, etc-ing. Starting Milyli was a great way to bring together the problem-solving, creativity, and discipline of many of his pastimes into the craft of software engineering.


Phone:312-265-0136 x214

Director of Finance

Peter Nachtsheim

Peter joined Milyli in 2016 as our Director of Finance. Prior to Milyli, Peter spent 7 years at PricewaterhouseCooper between their Audit and M&A Finance practices and 2 years of consulting at The Siegfried Group. During this time, Peter developed his love of spreadsheets and making sense of complicated business issues through financial analysis. Peter was drawn to Milyli because of its potential in the interesting ediscovery space, as well as the challenge of working for a fast-growing startup.

When not in a spreadsheet, Peter enjoys spending time with his wife, Maureen, and two young children, Grant and Claire, and being outdoors. Most summer weekends you’ll find him on a boat with family and friends.


Phone:312-265-0136 x204

Senior Marketing Manager

Barrett Newell

Barrett Newell is a Kentuckiana native slowly morphing into a true Chicagoan. He specializes in integrated marketing. However, having come of age during the Myspace era, it’s hard for him to talk about himself in anything other than cryptic song lyrics. (Keep looking up for the ladder!) Tell him about the last great book you read.


Phone:312-265-0136 x291

Director of Product Development

Tim Randall

Tim has built and led successful teams at startup software companies for more than 10 years. With unwavering optimism, he strives to find new ways to build up and enable developers to be creative and successful with a dev-first approach when building processes and executing on client needs. Video games, camping, and soccer are just a few of the activities Tim continually enjoys when spending time with his wife and daughter.


Phone:312-265-0136 x242

Head of Customer Success & Support

Scott Monaghan

Scott has worked in the ediscovery space with Relativity since 2008. As Head of the Customer Success team, Scott is passionate about his mission to ensure every Milyli customer achieves success with Milyli’s products – whether that involves individual training, writing custom scripts, or just giving advice earned over years in the industry.  In his spare time, Scott makes toys, video games, and plays with his daughter.


Phone:312-265-0136 x243

Quality Assurance Manager

Aaron Spruill

Aaron has been following instructions poorly and breaking things all of his life. (It was hard growing up knowing that things only worked until he got to play with them.) But 20 years ago, he found out you could make a living doing exactly that and since then, he’s worked on a wide variety of products including slot machines, set top boxes, sniper detection systems, and now web applications.
After work, Aaron spends his time finding new foods to try with friends, hanging out with his dogs, and trying to avoid breaking anything he had to pay for himself.


Phone:312-265-0136 x271

Senior Software Developer

Adam Hart

Adam is a .NET enthusiast, gaming aficionado, and scribe of short biographies.



Software Architect

Andrew Boudreau

Andrew is a Software Architect with over 10 years of experience designing and building solutions using Microsoft technologies. When not spending time with his growing family, Andrew enjoys being a hobbyist Maker.


Phone:312-265-0136 x258

Technical Lead

Andrew Golding

Whoops! I’ve been so busy helping people solve their ediscovery problems that I haven’t had time to write my bio.



Scrum Master

Anthony Mize

Anthony enjoys kickboxing, studying & seeing improvisational comedy, and exploring new countries/cities with his fiancé. Anthony is also an avid foodie. He enjoys keeping up to date on the Chicago food scene and trying all of the new restaurants. Anthony is originally from the Detroit-area and therefore, he LOVES Detroit-style pizza. He thinks Paulie Gee’s in Logan Square has an excellent Detroit-style pizza. Anthony is a graduate of the University of Michigan and therefore, a big fan of the Michigan Wolverines. GO BLUE!


Phone:312-265-0136 x248

Accounting Associate

Arthur Beredjick

Arthur is a native of Tampa, Florida and misses his hometown a lot in the winters. After receiving his BS in Accounting and Finance at Florida State University, he completed his CPA exams and MBA at the University of Tampa. He is a big fan of Chicago’s food and beer scene, and he has taken up hobbies like running and Ultimate Frisbee to undo the damage that too much deep-dish does after a while. Arthur is fascinated by technology and entrepreneurship, and therefore thrilled to be part of an innovative company like Milyli.


Phone:312-265-0136 x206

Senior Developer

Avi Levin

Originally from Seattle, Avi moved to Chicago for college and now lives in West Rogers Park with his wife and toddler. In his spare time, he likes reading sci-fi and classics, studying Jewish texts, and thinking about the code he’d write if it wasn’t his day job.


Phone:312-265-0136 x256

Software Developer

Bill Harper

Whoops! I’ve been so busy helping people solve their ediscovery problems that I haven’t had time to write my bio.


Phone:312-265-0136 x 264

Account Executive

Brett Middendorf

Brett joins Milyli after making the difficult transition from commercial litigator to account executive. He delights in helping Milyli’s clients realize the full potential of partnering with a leader in the Relativity universe. In his spare time he hangs with his schnauzer Fritz, enjoys a good happy hour, and dreams about ways to retire in Italy.


Phone:312-265-0136 x225

Technical Project Manager

Brian Chan

Whoops! I’ve been so busy helping people solve their ediscovery problems that I haven’t had time to write my bio.


Phone:312-265-0136 x273

Software Developer

Brian von Kuster

Whoops! I’ve been so busy helping people solve their ediscovery problems that I haven’t had time to write my bio.


Phone:312-265-0136 x890

Quality Assurance Engineer

Cameron Sery

Whoops! I’ve been so busy helping people solve their ediscovery problems that I haven’t had time to write my bio.


Phone:312-265-0136 x275

Art Director

Christine Fielder-Abbott

Coasting through the rough waters of Lake Michigan, Christine was washed ashore on the back of a Tiger Shark. Her newfound human interests include collecting vinyl, bookbinding, shows at the Empty Bottle, and rotisserie chicken. After the storm, she went out west and obtained her BFA at PNCA in Portland, OR. It was cool, you’ve probably never heard of it. Her dislikes include people who don’t know the “don’t talk to me or my son ever again” meme.


Phone:312-265-0136 x295

Technical Lead

David Grupp

Whoops! I’ve been so busy helping people solve their ediscovery problems that I haven’t had time to write my bio.


Phone:312-265-0136 x253

Quality Assurance Engineer

Deborah Mathis

Deborah is a DePaul graduate with degrees in Film and Animation, which helps her make sure the bug screenshots she submits are framed beautifully. (She’s a Quality Assurance Engineer.)



Software Developer

Eric Cormack

Cormack once collected someone who was wearing a full suit of armor from the airport; this passenger was told to expect someone who looked like “Freddie Mercury, but serious.” Cormack works as a software developer to support his family’s swordplay habit.


Phone:312-265-0136 x262

Tech Lead

Jacob Malliet

Jacob is a software developer primarily focusing on Milyli’s products. He has worked with Milyli for 4 years, starting off as an intern in the summer of 2013. In his free time, Jacob enjoys writing Android applications and playing video games.


Phone:312-265-0136 x255

Senior Software Developer

Jamey Armstrong

Whoops! I’ve been so busy helping people solve their ediscovery problems that I haven’t had time to write my bio.


Phone:312-265-0136 x257

Software Developer

Joey Schuringa

Joey is a devoted pungineer and hockey player. He goes to more punk shows than the rest of the company combined.



Account Executive

Jenny McGrath

Jenny is sunshine and rainbows! If you are ever looking for a little pick-me-up, Jenny’s your girl. She loves working with people to understand their needs and finding the right solution – let her help you!


Phone:312-265-0136 x224

Technical Project Manager

Joseph Low

Whoops! I’ve been so busy helping people solve their ediscovery problems that I haven’t had time to write my bio.


Phone:312-265-0136 x244

Software Architect

Joshua Hightower

Joshua Hightower is a Software Architect who works on developing custom applications for Milyli’s clients. When not developing software, you can find him trying to defeat his children in the latest version of Mario Kart or watching DIY home remodeling videos on YouTube.


Phone:312-265-0136 x252

Technical Lead

Katherine Bargar

Katherine has been working with .NET since 2011 after falling in love when her roommate forcibly installed Visual Studio on her computer at 3am. Outside of work she enjoys reading and thinking about space, gender, music, and post-growth economics. Living in Chicago since 2012 she knows the city’s bike lanes intimately and regularly volunteers with Working Bikes by repairing donations to be distributed in developing countries. She plays drums poorly but makes up for it with volume.


Phone:312-265-0136 x265

Test Automation Engineer

Lissa Errea

Lissa previously worked at Milyli in Operations, left to complete her Masters in Computer Science, and returned as an Automation Engineer. (P.S. She loves her job and her team.) Some of her favorite activities are traveling, hiking, and off-roading with her husband. She also enjoys yoga, has a passion for food, and loves being a new mom. A few of her current life goals include mastering crow pose, owning land in Moab, and visiting all 50 states with her son before he goes to college.


Phone:312-265-0136 x274

Technical Project Manager

Marko Iwanik

Marko likes to read, play volleyball, and eat. He’s always looking for travel and restaurant suggestions. Ask him about project management, UX theories, or Ukraine.


Phone:312-265-0136 x247

Quality Assurance Engineer

Micah Weinflash

Whoops! I’ve been so busy helping people solve their ediscovery problems that I haven’t had time to write my bio.



Technical Project Manager

Michael Kopp

Michael Kopp, Technical Project Manager, came to Milyli with an interesting mix of experience. Over the course of his 20+ years in technology, Michael launched Chicago’s first commercial radio website for WXRT, served as Web Marketing Manager for NYU Stern School of Business, ran the online marketing and e-commerce for a Chicago Blues legend, managed major projects for the Shedd Aquarium and New York’s Public Theater, and rode the start-up roller coaster in AdTech.

Outside of his Milyli life, Michael has done theatrical sound design for small productions and one crazy play by two of the Monty Python guys, written and performed by Chicago’s Story Lab.  He is also a graduate of the advanced writing program at the Second City Training Center. Long ago, Michael spent six music-filled years doing a freeform show on Chicago’s weirdest community radio station, WZRD. Michael was also once a bartender at a fancy hotel, a skill the whole team gets to enjoy occasionally at Milyli’s happy hours.


Phone:312-265-0136 x246

IT Engineer

Peter Brown

Whoops! I’ve been so busy helping people solve their ediscovery problems that I haven’t had time to write my bio.

Email:IT Engineer

Phone:312-265-0136 x202

Account Executive

Piotr Dabrowski

Piotr’s passion is in sharing and learning about great technology that improves lives. You can catch him on the beaches of lake Michigan playing volleyball, reading a book around the office, or creating an epic afternoon snack in Milyli’s kitchen. He also holds the current record for Milyli’s tallest employee.


Phone:312-265-0136 x223

Customer Success Manager

Quinn Palmer

Mr. Palmer hails from a really cool town in Wisconsin. It’s called Appleton. You’ve probably never heard of it. Sometimes when no one is looking, he sits at his desk and does some work. Quinn is a recent recipient of some company-wide praise, which has elevated his sense of self to a ridiculous amount. When he is not sitting upon his throne, providing world champion customer service, he can be seen in the background of “Game of Thrones” as an extra. That’s also a pretty cool show that you’ve never heard of.

His favorite movie is “Dragonheart.”


Phone:312-265-0136 x230

Customer Success Manager

Sean Kelley

Sean Kelley has an eclectic background. He studied Theater at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He moved to Chicago to pursue improv comedy. He has performed on various stages in the city and around the country but now mostly limits his comedy time to the non-corporeal world of podcasts. Sean has had jobs in sales, customer service, marketing and now customer success management. He was even a mailman for one summer. Finally, Sean loves his wife Chelsea, his daughter Iona, his cats, very long books with dragons, lifting weights and the Boston Red Sox a whole bunch.


Phone:312-265-0136 x231

Account Executive

Scott Zimmerman

Scott is on Milyli’s Sales and Client Management team.  Scott started at Milyli in 2016 and has a legal software background.  When Scott isn’t working, you can find him into sports and cryptocurrencies.


Phone:312-265-0136 x221

Quality Assurance Engineer

Sofiia Tsapchuk

Sofiia is originally from Ukraine! She moved to the States in 2015 and recently joined Milyli in June 2017 as a new member of the Quality Assurance team.


Phone:312-265-0136 x278

Quality Assurance Engineer

Tom Taylor

Tom joined the Milyli team way back in 2012 to pursue his passion for software development. In his spare time, Tom enjoys piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.


Phone:312-265-0136 x272

Software Developer

Tony Zahnle

Tony loves video games and comes from a game development background. He currently has the largest Steam game collection among all at the company. With the help of Cameron and Tim, Tony started an internal video-game-of-the-month club where they try to actually play the games they purchase and comment on what they thought of them.


Phone:312-265-0136 x259

Technical Project Manager

Trent Brouillette

Trent is a Project Manager and self-proclaimed sports guru who considers life complete after only having to wait 30 years for the Cubs to win the World Series.


Phone:312-265-0136 x245

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