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Ediscovery software designed to reduce cost, turnaround time, and room for error.

We got our start developing custom Relativity solutions in 2008, and time and again we heard the same requests from law firms, service providers, and corporations to make their Relativity environments and services more efficient. We listened closely and developed a suite of Relativity apps to solve common pain points and offer the best possible Relativity experience.

Check out our Relativity apps:

Blackout redaction tool Relativity app

Reduce cost, increase accuracy, secure PII with auto-redaction

Blackout is a redaction tool for Relativity that automatically redacts – or highlights! – words, phrases, and common patterns (SSNs, account numbers, emails, etc.) in your document set. Blackout keeps sensitive data and PII from falling through the cracks, while also significantly reducing the cost and turnaround time of the review.

ediscovery reporting Relativity app

Instant self-serve reporting from workspaces, clients, and systems

Broadcast is an ediscovery reporting tool that makes it easier to report on important Relativity data – like billing or reviewer statistics – across workspaces, clients, and even systems. Generate charts and graphs to display information for your stakeholders, internal teams, and clients on Broadcast’s fully-customizable dashboards.

Empower Relativity clients to manage simple tasks themselves

Delegate is a Relativity self-administration tool that allows service providers to reduce time spent managing simple client requests by delegating that work to designated people on their clients’ teams. Client Admins can manage their own users, groups, matters, and workspaces at work or via mobile devices, freeing up service providers to focus on creating the best Relativity experience.

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