We make Relativity work for you.

Custom software designed how you like it.

Relativity is a platform, meant to be extended and customized to meet your organization’s particular ediscovery needs. Whether it’s a new application you’re dreaming of or you just need a little help with your daily ediscovery tasks, we are fully fluent in Relativity’s APIs and have helped service providers, law firms, corporations, government organizations, and software vendors of all sizes get the most out of Relativity.

We’ve been working with Relativity since 2008, and with over 100,000 hours of customization experience, we can take on any aspect of Relativity to help you integrate third-party applications, optimize day-to-day workflows, improve efficiency, cut costs, and stand out from the crowd.

For more information on how and why to customize Relativity, check out what Relativity has to say about building Relativity applications.



Workflow improvements

Tell us what’s slowing down your Relativity users or clients, and we’ll work with you to tweak or automate workflows, speeding up your review process and ensuring a higher quality, more cost-effective review.


Have an idea for a game-changing Relativity app, but don’t have the development manpower to build it? Whether you’re a huge service provider or a small law firm, we’ll collaborate with you to help you stand out from competitors. We can even help you go mobile!


We can seamlessly integrate your applications or third-party systems – like the ones you need for collection, processing, etc. – with Relativity to reduce reviewers’ or clients’ time and frustration spent switching back and forth.

How we can make Relativity work for you:

Project management tools

Creating and tracking tickets, tasks, work logs, and other important project details, as well as sending project notifications and alerts, in order to increase efficiency

Master workspace data management

Creating an integrated master workspace to show activity across multiple matters – all in one place

Merged production exports

Exporting multiple production sets and setting priorities for overlapping documents on each set

Savings calculator

Building a customizable tool to display the estimated savings for a particular case

Text-searchable PDFs

Creating and exporting text searchable PDFs from natives or images in Relativity

Mobile user and group management

Creating an application to manage groups, users, and permissions from mobile devices

Dynamic layouts

Building out workflow-based layouts to minimize keystrokes and provide for efficient coding of documents

Production enhancements

Customizing the production process to allow for various tasks such as running scripts, inserting custom slipsheets and custom Bates numbering to be completed as part of a production set

Software integrations

Integrating various third-party tools and systems with Relativity, such as search and analysis, predictive coding, and processing solutions

Data load quality checks

Automating quality control processes on data loads to reduce manual steps and improve turnaround time

Change reporting

Creating tools to export specific document changes for audit purposes

Case Studies

Looking to integrate their lean, matter-centric team chat and agile project management application with Relativity, ThreadKM sought out the experts. Together, ThreadKM and Milyli developed a seamless integration, making ThreadKM’s collaboration platform even more efficient.

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Compliance Discovery Solutions wanted to create a way for its clients to archive and restore workspaces without having to log a support ticket. See how we helped give hours of work time back to their clients.

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Project Spotlight


SynQ for Troutman Sanders LLP

We collaborated with the Troutman Sanders eMerge team to build SynQ, a Relativity Fest Innovation Award-winning application that makes it easier to push data from Relativity into third-party applications.

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