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No two companies use Relativity the exact same way. We’ve worked with law firms, service providers, corporations, government agencies, and ISV’s vendors, and everyone has different pain points, workflows, and priorities. That’s why our Relativity Services team has developed a highly collaborative, iterative process around designing, building, and delivering Relativity solutions.


A unique process for your unique solution

Our experienced Project Managers and Tech Leads will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and ideas, then consult with our Developers and QA Engineers to design a solution that makes sense for you while also meeting our standards for high-quality code. Through regular demos and frequent communication, you’ll have total visibility throughout development, guaranteeing that you get exactly what you expect. No surprises, no unhappy endings. Our goal is to be a partner and a resource for you, from the beginning of the project to long after it’s finished, including for any support, upgrades, or new projects you might need down the road.

Our services process consists of two collaborative phases – design and development. Designing the perfect solution for you starts as soon as you call us to talk about your problems or ideas. We’ll present potential solutions, then dig into the details to build out estimates and mock-ups. Once we have your full approval, we kick off development, which is planned in 2-week sprints, giving you plenty of opportunities to give feedback along the way. Lastly, we’ll help you install and hit the ground running, then we’ll stick around for ongoing support and requests.

Read what our clients have to say.

“Working with third parties always introduces an element of risk…But working with Milyli was like working with an extension of our own team.”

Dan Hauck, CEO

“We are very happy we chose Milyli for this project. No one else had the expertise required to complete the work as quickly, efficiently and securely. I am certain of that.”

Ari J. Perlstein, Chief Technology Officer at Compliance DS

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