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Ready-made software products aren’t right for every organization’s individual needs.

How do we help?

Milyli offers advanced technologies that shorten development time and work in concert with custom development. With over a decade of experience planning, building, and testing these solutions for Relativity users and other eDiscovery tools, Milyli’s Service Solutions deliver on the highest standards of functionality, reliability, usability, and efficiency. Below you’ll see some of the ways these technologies help legal professionals tackle big and small challenges alike.

This technology allows Relativity users to save time and effort by replicating user permissions across workspaces or between groups in the same workspace.

This technology allows users to start the execution of Relativity Scripts found in the Relativity Script Library at the time(s) and frequency of their choosing.

This technology allows Delegate users to access ARM, Relativity’s official workspace migration tool. Use all of Delegate’s permission capabilities when archiving and restoring workspaces.

Bridge automates the movement of case data and work product from Concordance and Summation into Relativity — including data typically not supported by load files.

This technology allows users to issue software licenses to customers without having to build the infrastructure necessary to maintain a licensing function — allowing businesses to sell software, applications, or plug-ins securely.

Relay is a technology that allows Relativity users to import documents and data directly from SQL-based systems into their instance without load files.

The PM Tool is a tasking capability “starter kit” informed by a decade of building project management workflows for common litigation support tasks. It allows users to manage Relativity work with ease, all without ever leaving Relativity.

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