Milyli partners with ThreadKM to drastically improve the flow of information during discovery.

ThreadKM provides lean, matter-centric team chat and agile project management in a single application that integrates with document management and other key law firm applications. ThreadKM helps firms dramatically reduce email, drive up DMS utilization, and improve collaboration across the firm.

ThreadKM sees an opportunity to integrate

ThreadKM’s mission is to build a collaboration platform that connects mission-critical systems inside of law firms and legal teams. Information at law firms is typically siloed across multiple applications, leading to frustration when it comes time to find and piece together key documents and data.

When it comes to discovery, this fragmentation often creates a knowledge gap between the case team that manages the entire matter and the review team that examines the client’s files using Relativity. As the review team finds hot documents, it can be challenging to share them quickly with the case team. Most reviewers end up emailing these files – filling up the inboxes with messages and attachments – or waiting to batch files together over intervals. Clearly, this slow, email-based workflow is not ideal.

Understanding that review and case teams were experiencing this pain point, ThreadKM identified an opportunity to improve the sharing of documents from Relativity into the ThreadKM platform. They decided to look into integrating with Relativity to create a more seamless ediscovery experience for their users. ThreadKM’s partner and VP of Sales Damon Goduto was discussing ThreadKM with kCura CEO Andrew Sieja, who suggested putting a button in Relativity to send documents to ThreadKM. This seemed to be the perfect solution,  but because ThreadKM was new to Relativity, they didn’t know what was possible or where to begin.

As simple as pushing a button

Goduto had previously worked with Milyli and knew Milyli to be the leading Relativity development shop, so he and ThreadKM CEO Dan Hauck approached Milyli with the idea for a “push to ThreadKM” button within Relativity. With 9 years’ experience developing Relativity solutions, Milyli understood what ThreadKM needed right away. Director of Services Jed Cassinelli and Project Manager Trent Brouillette set up initial solution design sessions to show ThreadKM several potential approaches that would enable Relativity reviewers to send documents into ThreadKM and worked closely with ThreadKM’s team to determine what would work best for users. The solution chosen was a “Push to ThreadKM” button within a Relativity custom pane that reviewers could click and configure options for sending the document to ThreadKM, as well as a second method that allows reviewers to right-click a document and open a custom pop-up with those same options.

Once the project kicked off, the two teams communicated primarily through ThreadKM, which made getting updates, resolving issues, and asking questions much faster, as well as provided Milyli with the opportunity to really get their hands dirty and understand the application. Working with Milyli’s Relativity Services teams also meant that ThreadKM got frequent updates on the status of development and multiple demos of the integration.

“ Working with third parties always introduces an element of risk…But working with Milyli was like working with an extension of our own team.”

– Dan Hauck, CEO

These demos were crucial because ThreadKM was able to see the progress being made, verify that it was all moving in the right direction, and offer suggestions that were then immediately included into the solution. “Working with third parties always introduces an element of risk,” said CEO Dan Hauck, “But working with Milyli was like working with an extension of our own team.”

Thanks to the close collaboration of the two teams, the development process went smoothly without any major hitches or issues along the way, and the final delivery was even earlier than planned. “Our goal was ambitious,” said Hauck, “We wanted the Relativity integration ready for LegalTech 2017. Fortunately, Milyli was up to the task, and they delivered the work ahead of schedule and under budget.”

A big hit at Legaltech 2017

“ The Relativity integration brings a new dimension to the ThreadKM experience.”

– Dan Hauck

ThreadKM showed the new integration at Legaltech 2017 and received an overwhelmingly positive response. The integration alone was responsible for several new customers within the first month of its release. According to Hauck, “The Relativity integration brings a new dimension to the ThreadKM experience.” Not only can review teams send documents into ThreadKM, but legal teams can also then use its native document search and commenting features to find and mark up those documents. The ThreadKM team is already in the process of gathering feedback from their first Relativity integration customers and are looking to partner with Milyli again for any future enhancements.



  • ThreadKM


  •  An efficient solution for sharing from Relativity to ThreadKM

  • Access to relevant documents without a Relativity account

  • Easy-to-use workflow for review & case terms



  • Custom Integration with Relativity


  • Immediate, easy access to Relativity documents within ThreadKM

  • Reduced lag time in making case documents actionable

  • Improved user experience and quicker collaboration

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