Looking for a way to redact documents with dark backgrounds in Relativity?

Remember the olden days, before assisted redaction applications like Blackout came along and everything had to be done manually? Like Blackout, Whiteout is an assisted redaction application for Relativity, but Whiteout lets you redact those pesky all-black documents in a way that hearkens back to the drippy, smeary, stinky substance we all miss so dearly.

If you’re like most people – constantly redacting black documents – and you feel nostalgic for the messy, inconvenient redaction processes of the pre-Internet era, Whiteout is for you.


With Whiteout, you can:

  • Finally apply redactions based on words, phrases, or regular expressions to those darker documents you’ve been ignoring.

  • Get that goopy look you always wish your redactions had, without the mess!

  • Tell all your friends you’re redacting “old-school” in a #tbt Twitter post.


  • Technical support, maintenance, and software updates

  • Deployment to test environment(s), if applicable

  • No restriction on the number of users accessing Whiteout




Relativity 8.2 and higher