Why spend time managing simple requests when you can empower clients instead?

Delegate is a Relativity client administration tool that allows hosting providers to improve their managed service offering by empowering clients to manage their own users, groups, workspaces, and matters. Delegate also makes it easy for internal teams – like project managers or litigation support – to manage multiple clients without being system admins.

Let clients serve themselves at work or on-the-go

Empower your clients to manage their own users, groups, matters, and workspaces with minimal training. Delegate’s intuitive interface and mobile access enable clients to easily serve themselves when and where they need to.

Free up teams to better serve clients

Enrich your service offering and provide a better client experience – without giving your lit support and project management teams more work. In fact, Delegate lets you reduce their workload by allowing them to easily manage multiple clients and allowing clients to manage simple administration tasks, like creating new users and resetting passwords, themselves.

Convenience without sacrificing security

Trusting clients to manage themselves is enough to keep any Relativity admin up at night, but not when you use Delegate. Protect clients’ Relativity environments by configuring granular permissions, including restricting the templates and resource pools they have access to, and maintain full security and comprehensive auditing of any actions they take with Delegate.


  • Mobile-friendly access allows Client Admins to work on-the-go
  • Integrates directly with Relativity for a seamless user experience
  • Supports Relativity 9.4’s authentication changes
  • Provides comprehensive, Delegate-specific audit logs across all clients
  • Streamlined process makes it faster and easier to manage cases in Relativity – for both service providers and clients
  • Rapidly create new users by configuring a template user

Client Admin Features

  • Create, edit, and manage users, groups, workspaces, and matters for cases within a new Delegate Client Administration tab
  • Access comprehensive Delegate audit logs for users specific to client

System Admin Features

  • Designate a specific group within a client as the Client Admin Group, and grant them permissions to Delegate so that clients can manage themselves
  • Maintain security and choose which workspace templates and resource pools Client Admins can use
  • Create Delegate profiles for multi-client management and configure which clients that profile has access to, as well as specific and granular permissions for each profile
  • Easily switch between active clients


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