relativity data transfer

Tired of having to go through a middleman to import documents into Relativity?

Relay is a data transfer tool that makes the process of importing into and exporting from Relativity more efficient. Whether you want to import from external databases or move data from workspace to workspace, Relay eliminates the need to use the Relativity Desktop Client and lets you import and export directly from Relativity.

It’s just common sense

If you want to move data from one workspace to another in Relativity, why should you have to export that data and import it back into Relativity? Relay lets you transfer documents, choices, and more from workspace to workspace at the push of a button.

No-hassle database imports and exports

Import and export without having to build load files, which can be time-consuming, and bypass the Relativity Desktop Client completely. Map all of your fields from the source to the destination, and even schedule imports and exports.

Import from anywhere

Relay allows you to transfer documents from absolutely any system with a SQL connection and bring them into Relativity, and vice versa.


  • Import data from any system that uses Microsoft SQL Server – including processing engines, in-house tools, and Relativity itself
  • Load natives, images, extracted text, and document metadata
  • Load data into custom objects in your workspace
  • Schedule Relativity data transfers to run at a future date or on a recurring basis – daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Customize and secure the UI to only the groups you want and audit all import activity
  • Quickly set up and deploy the application as part of a case template
  • Streamline the Relativity data transfer process, saving you time and money


  • Technical support, maintenance, and software updates
  • Deployment to test environment(s), if applicable
  • No restriction on the number of users accessing Relay


  • Relativity 8.0 and higher

For a quick demo of Relay